Jackson Sherren’s Jagged Journey

Local islander Jackson Sherren moved to Okotoks, Alberta this past week at only fifteen years of age joining the Okotoks Dawgs Baseball Academy. Jackson was spotted by an academy recruiter in the summer of 2018 while representing PEI at the U15 Nationals in Oshawa, Ontario. He had just finished grade 8, yet the school was adamant on bringing his talents to their academy out west. Therefore, the Okotoks Dawgs recruiter guaranteed him a spot in their program starting his grade 10 year. Evidently, he was ecstatic as any young teenage baseball player would be. 

From this point forward, Jackson narrowed his vision on the Okotoks Dawgs Baseball Academy by working towards his development in baseball. The rare opportunity put the teenager into overdrive once he returned from Nationals. 

Unfortunately, in the spring of 2019 he suffered a meniscus tear and a torn ACL with injuries to his MCL and LCL as well. In an instant, a simple twist to his knee was all that it took to create a variety of change in Jackson’s life. Following the diagnosis of the torn meniscus, ACL and the injuries to his MCL and LCL, Jackson underwent surgery and then intensive physiotherapy. It was undoubtedly a long process to partake in a successful recovery both physically and mentally. Frustration and uncertainty were two major elements that he had to work through due to the incapability of practicing the sport he loves. Due to Jackson’s injury, he was required to notify the Dawgs and explain his unfortunate situation and how he wouldn’t be able to attend the academy in September as previously planned. 

Progressively through his rehabilitation he could only wonder whether the academy would fill his spot or if he'd even be good enough to play for them once he was fully healed. Due to tremendous work ethic during his first semester at home in PEI, the athlete continued to take great strides in his rehab. Presently, being a healthy athlete since overcoming his unlucky injury, Jackson departed this past week to continue his baseball journey in Alberta. 

In spite of the young man moving away from home at such a young age, he received a going-away-gift from his uncle. This gift consisted of a Jagged Journey T-Shirt in an attempt to remind Jackson to never give up on his dreams and to embrace his unique journey through baseball. 

Jakcson’s uncle Mark has stated that, “I'm sure there are going to be many peaks and valleys ahead of him, but I think we can all feed off of each other's inspiration who have battled back before.” 

Fortunately, the young man started practicing baseball with the Dawgs in Alberta and is transitioning well in the classroom. The young man has moved in with a billet family and has expressed to his uncle that, "I'm in love with this place."

Jacksons journey has been shared by his supportive uncle Mark who defined Jagged Journey as: “Inspiring others and not giving up.” 

We as a company appreciate Jackson’s journey and hope that it has inspired others attempting to reach their own goals.


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